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Workplace Mediation Service

Why to consider using Workplace Mediation

The people that work in your business help make it unique and special. However, sometimes your staff can argue and disagree in the workplace. Some disagreements can be positive and help to achieve change and improvement. However, toxic conflict can be detrimental and if disagreements are not resolved they can result in growing resentment, arguments and people being ostracised. This in turn, may have a serious effect on the output, success and profitability of the business. It is often said that people join a company, but leave because of their manager. Sometimes they leave because of their colleagues. A timely intervention can make all the difference to help restore harmony.

The consequences of prolonged conflict range from: absenteeism to stress; and from illness to increased staff turnover.


Another thing to consider is the time and energy that staff can spend in gossiping and plotting against others. Rather than working together to a common aim, they use their energy against one another. This is where Workplace Mediation can be an effective intervention, helping individuals or teams to take stock and resolve differences.

The earlier that a workplace mediation service is used in a dispute, the greater the chance of success. The longer the conflict continues, the greater the possibility that the parties become entrenched. Once there is a deadlock it can be difficult to open up the situation and widen peoples' perspectives. They end up talking past each other, rather than to one another.

The success of mediation lies partly in the fact that it is informal, voluntary and private. The parties enter the process as willing participants with a common goal of wanting to sort out their differences, particularly if they have got on well together in the past. Mediation can be a means to help repair relationships and encourage teamwork. If agreement is reached then the parties can agree who, if anyone else, needs to know.

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From the business perspective, mediation is fast, inexpensive and effective. Compared to more formal and legal processes it wins hands down as the 'go to option' to enable the possibility of healing fractious relationships.

Why use Mediation Solution?

Mediation Solution is based in London. I have experience of mediation, of working in large and small companies; as well as the public, private and third sector. My background in Human Resources for a plc, as well as working in small business, has provided me with experience of conflicts where the participants can be 'emotionally flooded.'

Mediation Solution is committed to providing Workplace Mediation in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

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