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Workplace Mediation Service

Why call in a Workplace Mediator

Mediation can help resolve disruptive conflicts between staff. A toxic ongoing conflict can damage your organisation's reputation, productivity and profitability.

- Mediation helps people in dispute find productive solutions, it helps them resolve the dispute and work together again professionally.

- Mediation is appropriate if employees are arguing or avoiding each other, which may also affect their work colleagues and team spirit.

- Mediation is a confidential, fast and cost-effective alternative to processes such as: grievance procedures, disciplinaries, or tribunals; hiring and retraining.

The consequences of prolonged staff conflict range from: absenteeism and stress, to increased staff turnover and long term sickness.


Workplace Mediation helps individuals to resolve differences, to get on better, you may see the difference almost immediately.

The earlier that a workplace mediation service is used in a dispute the greater the potential benefits.

The longer unresolved conflicts continue, the more the parties become entrenched, it can be difficult to change things for the better - until one of the disputants leaves the organisation. Such a departure may not be in anyone's best interests.

Why use Mediation Solution?
We invite you to contact today about workplace mediation. We have mediated many successful cases and seen improvements in relationships that line managers had previously spent months trying to put right. Follow up contact has shown that the former disputants maintain improvement many months later.
Mediation is: confidential, straightforward and excellent value for money. Three good reasons to contact Mediation Solution for more information.

Mediation Solution is committed to providing Workplace Mediation in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

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